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My Web Usability presentation at Software Dev Group – Reno

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I am no authority on web usability. However, I have created few web sites in the past. When I started working on Namoona.com, I did some research on web usability. I gathered those thoughts and created a presentation for Software Developer’s Group in Reno.

My slides for presentation is below:
Download powerpoint presentation: WebUsability

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Shared hosting nightmares

I use Godaddy shared hosting for www.namoona.com and couple of other personal websites.
1. I could not have custom trace listeners  ( trust level of my application can’t be changed).
2. I wanted to use MS Charting controls but in .net 3.5, we have to manually install it on the server. I was not allowed to install anything on the shared hosting server. I don’t know why microsoft decided to give it as an installer rather than dlls. I was relieved to hear that MS Charting control will be part of .net 4 framework. It tooks several months for godaddy to start supporting .Net 4.0.
3. When they started supporting, they wanted me to switch to grid hosting as only grid hosting supports .Net 4. So, I switched to grid hosting. The idea behind grid hosting is, based on the need, the resources will be increased dynamically. This may work well for high volume sites but for new websites they allot very little bandwidth compared to normal hosting, it takes longer to load up the page in grid hosting.

Vibration reduction in flights

Vibration Reduction in digital SLR camera lens is used for minimizing blur caused by camera shake. This is essentially achieved by using angular velocity sensors (gyroscopic sensors) to detect the vertical movement (pitch) and another velocity sensor to detect the horizontal movement (yaw). Based on these, the processor calculates how much compensation is needed to offset the camera shake and sends it to voice coil motor which moves selected lens elements to compensate for the offset.

Of course, there are other ways like some cameras actually shift the image sensor for on camera stabilization but that is not what we are looking for.

This angular movement sensor technique could be used in flights to reduce the vibration. There seem to have been some research on this area here and elsewhere. But, most of them talks about reducing the overall body vibration. I believe we should have the passengers in a different axis with respect to the flight body.

  1. On rest, both the flight and the seats axis will be on the same angle.
  2. During takeoff / landing, flight’s angle will be slightly higher than the seats angle but seats angle will slowly move towards the flight angle. Again, there may not be any difference felt here since both flight angle and seats angle will be the same eventually. This can reduce a sudden change in angle.
  3. When the flight hits an air pocket which causes sudden jitters, the sensors would try to control the seat angle accordingly but usually jitters will have an opposite angle of deflection as well. Sensor will wait for a definite period (number of seconds based on the change in angle) and the overall deflection will be much lesser when it changes the seat angle. Effectively it reduces one dip/surge vibration cycle to a minimum or the whole vibration is stretched to a longer duration making it less noticeable for the passengers.
  4. Even if the sensor technique doesn’t work, having two axes, one for seats and one for the flight body would help transfer the vibration slowly to the seat’s angle. See Vestibulo-ocular reflex.

I do not know how feasible this technique is or if similar theories have been tried but it would be nice if some new flights come with better vibration reduction technique, people would love to pay extra for that.



My article on Codeproject.com

Two years ago, I wrote an article on codeproject about Save and Load Image from Database. I quickly curated some code to go with the article and forgot about it. It was about how to save images and show them on dynamic web pages using C#.

I was surprised by a mail today about a comment posted on that article. [see below]


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Joseph Dixon has posted a new comment at “[Article]: C# Save and Load Image from Database“:

Great Piece of information After Searching Everywhere for Database to Web Page Images 🙂 :thumbsup:



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